Monday, August 22, 2005

WaMo college rankings

Washington Monthly has come out with a ranking of colleges based on national service, social mobility, and production of academic minds and research. I thought it was an interesting concept even before I saw my alma mater as number one. Following up on other comments on WaMo's blog about the differences between MIT and Harvard, I related a tale of my own:
When I go back to the MIT campus, I'm a little concerned by the student body. They all look happy and healthy and well-dressed. It's scarily like Harvard. I'm worried that they are drawing too much from the upper-class. This could absolutely be my own blindess; when I was a student I didn't pay any attention at all to fashion, so I may simply have been blissfully unaware if most of my classmates were good dressers and I was the exception. (I mostly worried about keeping my hair out of my eyes.) Also, MIT is explicitly trying to make their student body more suicide-proof via the admissions office. High-strung? Kind of a loner? Don't say so on your MIT admission form.


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