Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The industry's new Howler Monkey-elect

The computer security industry is metastasizing out a new Howler Monkey: Here's the posting I left there, because I'm expecting it to be deleted: This may surprise outsiders to the computer security industry, but there is nothing special about one of us saying "everything sucks." Every few years, the industry generates a new Howler Monkey. He is a favorite of the media because he's willing to "tell it like it is." Steve Gibson and Richard Smith were previous holders of the title of Chief Howler Monkey, but eventually they get shunned by the rest of the industry and became laughing stocks. Then the media needs to find a new Monkey to jump for them. This is just Mr. Eppel's attempt to climb to the top of the Mountain Of Monkeys. It's generally a good career move, certainly better than languishing in obscurity, so I don't fault him for that. But I don't want anyone to believe that he's some kind of saint or "speaking truth to power." This is a play we've seen many times before.