Saturday, September 13, 2008

Charlotte runs out of gas again?

Charlotte ran out of gas in the wake (so to speak) of Katrina, before I was a resident. Now Ike is doing a redux, and this time I have the chance to observe the panic in person.

Driving home I saw a very long line at the gas station I usually use -- which has some 18 pumps and I've never had to wait at. The price for premium had jumped from around $3.80 to $4.20, which was typical for Friday's jump. The next station I passed just displayed "$.00" on its sign, and the pumps were taped off, apparently out of gas. That pattern repeated itself the rest of the way home.

People are notoriously irrational about gas prices, willing to spend lots of time and gas to save a few bucks. How scared were folks of being unable to fill up next week?

Last time, the panic was apparently triggered by government officials asking people not to panic. This time, some stations started asking customers to limit themselves to 10 gallons, which just kicked off the nonsense by itself.

At least prices went up to discourage consumption. I'm at about a quarter-of-a-tank, but I think I can hold out until the craziness passes.


Blogger Billy Haynes said...

I heard the gas could have jumped over a dollar Thrusday so I spent the money to fill my dads truck up to full just in case stations here ran out (they where all packed that day).

The main reason being that he has to be able to get back and fourth to work and if they did run out he would be in trouble. The next day instead of it going up, it actually went back down almost 30 cents.

I have only drove the truck twice since last Thursday when I spent a good deal of money filling it up, instead I have been walking places when I could (permitting the weather allowed it). That even included walking a total of 7 miles just to return some DVD's to the RedBox at Wal-mart!

I posted about this as well, if your interested you can read my post here.

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